Real-time monitoring and insights for connected hardware


A real-time, aggregate view across all of your devices

Track on and offline devices
View aggregate metrics
View device distribution at point in time


Device-level view for more granular analysis


Search through your devices by tags and metrics


Identify anomalies and abnormal device behavior for predictive maintenance, security, and other concerns


SQL-like interface to all your raw and derived data

Send data from any device to our hardware-agnostic platform

And with more

Machine-learning Support

Deploy your own prediction, classification, anomaly detection models, and more with Apache Spark compatible IoT libraries & APIs

Custom Analysis

Perform your own custom analysis, including exponentially weighted moving averages, rate of change / derivatives, score calculations, and more

Built on our advanced IoT data analysis engine

The first data analysis platform built from the ground-up for global-scale IoT deployments. Handles your real-time and operational data needs out-of-the-box.

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