Extract Insights from your Device Data

The time-series database and visualization tool designed for connected hardware.


Rich query interface to all of your data


Database features

  • Time-series data optimized
  • Scale-out distributed storage
  • High-ingest rates
  • SQL interface
  • Complex predicates
  • Labels and metrics support
  • Device-centric query optimized
  • Automatic schema inference
  • Distributed aggregations
  • Strongly consistent
  • Highly reliable
  • CLI and REST API


A real-time, aggregate view across all of your devices


Device-level view for more granular analysis


Connect third-party visualization tools (e.g., Grafana)

Deployment options


Send data from any device, gateway, server via APIs, libs
Query data via multiple interfaces (API, CLI, web)
Visualize via dashboards or third-party options
Full data analysis stack: storage, processing, triggers
Native support for Apache Spark applications

On premise

Scalable time-series data storage with rich SQL interface
Integrates with existing systems
Complements data lakes for interactive exploration
Connect third-party visualization tools
Enterprise-level support services

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